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Guest shooting conditions

Dear guest,

the following guest shooting conditions govern the contractual relationship between you and the you have booked accommodation facility. Therefore, please read these conditions very well:

1) The lodging agreement is concluded as soon as the accomodation order and promised or, if a promise has been lack of time was no longer possible, provided.

2) The conclusion of the accommodation contract obliges the contractor to fulfill the contract, no matter aufweiche time the contract is concluded.

3) The accommodation provider is obliged to inform the guest must pay compensation for non-provision of the quarter.

4) The customer is required to pay for non-use of contractual services to the agreed or customary price less saved by the hotel operating expenses. This can be a flat rate of the tourist accommodation as follows: For pure night (holiday) and at night / breakfast 10% for half board 20% for full board 40% of the total price.

5) The accommodation is held in good faith, to forgive unused rooms otherwise to failures to vermeiden.Bis relet the room, the guest for the duration of the contract pursuant to para. 4 amount calculated to bezahlen.Vorzeitige departures due to bad weather, illness or unforeseen cases not release the guest from the power of damages. Even when not using a supplied by the accommodation provider contracted quarter isl to pay damages.

6) travel cancellation insurance -rung: We recommend our guests to conclude a travel cancellation insurance, which can be taken in such cases to claim, in which the ordered Quartier etc. not used due to illness and because your GASL non-fulfillment of the lease empty bed fee will be charged. Appropriate forms the landlord can arrange for you in the spa.

7) The exclusive place of jurisdiction is the place.
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